TargetNumber: Let your inner prodigy loose

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Add, subtract, multiply and/or divide to use all five playing pieces to compute the target number. You don't have to be a nerd to like math and you can keep your brain sharp by trying to hit the target number in this new arithmetic puzzler. The only two rules are:

  • no intermediate negative numbers and
  • no intermediate fractions.

You may hark back to days of playing 24 with a deck of playing cards in elementary school. Here, the puzzles have more variety and many, many more possible solutions. Some of the easy puzzles have as many as 300+ solutions and you only have to find three! Most of the hard puzzles only have 10-15 possible solutions and you have to find 10.

So, test your skills and see whether you are a dunce or a savant.

Coming soon:

  • earn Prodigy Points towards monthly contests and collect as many stars as you can.

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