FoundIt: A Classic Hidden Objects Game

FoundIt is a game of hidden objects. The objects have been jumbled together and it is your job to find them as quickly as possible. The score is based on the size of the object and the amount of time it takes you to find it.

One of the goals of FoundIt is to make the play time significantly longer than other hidden object games. Each puzzle has a list of 50-200 objects to find. Each individual game consists of finding 20 of these items. You can pick 20 randomly from all available so you can play again and again!


  • "This makes it an ideal game to drop in for a few minutes at a time in between more productive things like working." ---
  • "FoundIt also features an excellent user interface, allowing you to choose your category and pick your first object with ease." ---
  • "Offering up a smattering of items such as birds, animals, cartoon characters, clocks, and more, each stage lays out 20 targets to pick out amongst a horde of decoys which continually play tricks on the eyes." ---

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