Congruence: Shoot and capture your way to poygonal dominance

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The game Congruence is casual puzzler and offers a novel mix of geometry and territory capture in a two-player, turn-based format. Each player takes turns carefully aiming a shot and their puck bounces around inside the territory until it intersects itself. Any completed polygon can be selected as a capture region and power ups can be applied. The game continues until the entire territory has been captured and the player with the most captured area wins.

Congruence allows each player to carefully aim their shot to maximize the captured region. As power-ups appear in the playing area, a player has to balance capturing new power-ups, capturing new territory, and taking back territory from their opponent. To help in this constant effort of offense and defense, each player has four (4) power-ups at their disposal. This include Lock, Unlock, Grow, and Explode.


  • Power-ups: Lock, Unlock, Grow, and Explode
  • Ability to lock territory on double capture.
  • Two-player, turn-based casual puzzler