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Congruence - A turn-based puzzler of geometry and territory capture.

  • Capture territory through shooting a puck and selecting completed polygons.
  • Collect and use Lock, Unlock, Explode, and Grow power-ups.
  • Use GameCenter to play against friends or random opponents.
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Target Number - Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide you way to Math Prodigy.

  • Use all five number to compute the target number.
  • Earn stars and Prodigy Points to win monthly contests.
  • Some puzzles have over 300 possible solutions.
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Chew Maestro:
Control how fast you chew.

  • Set a sound interval between 10 and 90 seconds.
  • The sound will still play even when listening to music, playing games, browsing, etc.
  • Shake to restart the timer (in case you swallow early or late).
  • Interesting quotes and facts about the benefits of thorough chewing.
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Escape from Stonehenge:
One never ending maze.

  • Two modes of play: Sprint and Endurance.
  • Three levels of difficulty: Jester, Prince, and King.
  • Control the maze runner with customizable tilt controls
    or the intuitive flickpad.
  • Available for iTouch, iPhone, and iPad.
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A classic hidden objects game.

  • Eight puzzles that you can play up to ten times each.
  • Simple pan and pinch-to-zoom interface.
  • Available for iTouch, iPhone, and iPad.